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Quilt Restoration and Repair

We’re pleased to offer quilt restoration and repair services.  Much of our work is done in-house, or with partners with decades of experience in quilt restoration.  We operate using a simple principle:  Do as little as possible and don’t do anything you can’t undo.

What’s the Difference in Repair and Restoration?

Before we start any quilt work, we’ll ask a lot of questions.  “Where did the quilt come from?”  “What does it mean to you?”  “Do you use the quilt on a regular basis?”  “Do you want to display the quilt?”  Questions like these help us figure out the best path forward.   

Quilt Restoration involves restoring a quilt to its original condition.  In the most extreme cases, this means using period-dated and matched fabric to match damaged areas, and vintage thread to repair quilting damaged or destroyed.  There is a LOT of handwork involved and weeks or months of sourcing the correct fabric.  It’s an expensive and time consuming process.

Quilt Repair, on the other hand, is a less intensive process, and is often used to return a quilt to a condition that it can be enjoyed!  If you want to wash and use your grandmother’s quilt, but you’re worried it will continue to come apart, we can help!

Since every quilt is different, we prefer to look at the quilt before we provide estimates on quilt work.  Come see us and let’s talk about how we can best preserve your piece of history!


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